Monday, August 08, 2005

It Is You Who Delay Muslims Victory

assalamu'alaikum...aku keselsemaan hari ni..banyak masa dihabiskan di alam mimpi dan di depan komputer..nak keluar pun tak berapa mahu, segan..asyik duk bersin je..mesyuarat pun tak pergi..semoga ini ialah kifarah dosa-dosa aku yang terdahulu..agar aku tidak menjadi orang yang melambatkan kemenangan Islam...

It Is You Who Delay Muslims Victory
By: Abdel-Karim Al-Katib

While I was depressed watching the news about Muslims and thinking of the afflictions that befell them, I heard a voice inside me saying It is you who delay Muslims victory. You are the principal cause of all the afflictions that Muslims suffer from.

I wondered, How come this while I am an ordinary person and do not have any power over my nation? Had I given the Muslims any order or counsel, they would have never abided by it ...

The voice interrupted me: It is your sins and faults, it is your defying Allahs orders, your negligence of duties, and your keenness to run after temptations that delays victory.

I replied, What did I do so that you blame me for delaying Muslims victory?

The voice said, Oh you! By Allah! Should I numerate your faults? It would take a long a time. For instance, do you observe the Fajr Prayer in congregation?

I answered, Sometimes I do, and sometimes I miss it

The voice interrupted me again: See the contradiction! You claim you can fight against your enemy in Allahs cause. How can you say so while you cannot resist yourself in a simple matter that would not cost you blood or money? You are not
able to make yourself stick to observing in congregation two rak`ahs prescribed by Almighty Allah. You, likewise, neglect offering the regular sunnah Prayers, and disregard reciting the Quran regularly. You forget saying the morning and evening adhakr. You do not lower your gaze, nor do you obey your parents or observe your ties of kinship.

The voice continued, You call for applying Allahs Law in your country. How do you call for this, while you do not abide by it yourself or enjoin your family
to do so? You do not observe your duties towards your family. You do not guide them to the right path or care whether the money you spend on them is lawful or illicit. You, in fact, fall under the category that Allah describes in His Book as those
who [love wealth with abounding love] (Al-Fajr 89:20). All this has entailed Almighty Allahs punishment on you...

I interrupted, What does all this have to do with delaying victory? Would the nations victory be delayed only because of the faults of one among billions of people?

The voice replied, Certainly, yes. There are millions like you in the Muslim world. All follow the same wrong path, neglecting their duties and falling into sins, thinking that victory will come because there are other people in the nation who
are righteous. But the bitter truth is that almost all are the same. Do you not know that when the Companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) would ask Allah for victory and it did not come at once, they would then realize that
there was someone in the army who had committed a sin? Compare this to the condition of the nation nowadays when all, old or young, ordinary or influential, are falling into sins! Is this not enough to bring about all what Muslims suffer around the globe?

Tears began to flow down my face. I had never thought that I, the man who dearly loves Allah and His Messenger as well as Islam and Muslims, would ever be a cause to Muslims defeat or share in this way in shedding rivers of innocent Muslim blood in many places in the world!



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